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Why Couples Choose Surrogacy

There are many reasons why a couple would choose surrogacy to grow their family. Every couple’s needs are different and no two situations are exactly the same. Surrogacy provides couples with the option to have a child when facing all kinds of fertility or pregnancy-related challenges. Here are some reasons why couples may choose surrogacy to achieve their family goals.


Infertility is one of the primary reasons that a couple will pursue a surrogate pregnancy. Hundreds of thousands of couples across the United States experience infertility and/or difficulties with a traditional pregnancy, and surrogacy offers couples the opportunity to grow their family despite these obstacles.

Genetic Challenges

One or both parents may have genetic conditions that they do not wish to pass on to their child. If the mother of the child has a genetic condition, the couple may choose a surrogate who undergoes in-vitro fertilization using the father’s sperm and an egg donor, or the couple may choose a woman to simply be artificially inseminated with the father’s sperm. If the father has a genetic condition, the couple may choose to use a sperm donor and the mother’s egg (or an egg donor), along with in-vitro fertilization surrogacy. There are a wealth of options for parents who face genetic challenges but still want to grow their family.

Medical Conditions

If a mother has medical conditions that would not allow her to safely carry a child or go through the birthing process, a surrogate pregnancy may be an excellent alternative.


If a same sex couple is involved, surrogacy may be their only option.  Choosing a surrogate who would be artificially inseminated with one of the male’s sperm, or who would undergo in vitro fertilization using an egg donor offers the couple the chance to have a child who is biologically related to one of the partners.  There is even the possibility of fertilizing eggs with each of the partner’s sperm, resulting in “twins with different fathers.”

Personal Choice

Pursuing surrogacy as a means to grow a family isn’t reserved for couples with genetic challenges, infertility, and medical conditions. Surrogacy is available to any couple who desires to embark on this journey, as long as there is a demonstrable medical issue or a biological impediment to pregnancy.

No matter the reason for choosing surrogacy, it’s a wonderful way to bring a child into the world that will forever bond your family and your surrogate.   

Surrogacy offers a much more controlled environment, the birth mother is doing this out of love, not need (as with the case of virtually every adoption), and the child is biologically related to at least one of the partners.  The journey of surrogacy is a blessing for both expecting parents and the surrogate.

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