Surrogate Mothers

What To Consider When Selecting A Surrogate Mother

Are you thinking about going the route of surrogacy? This can be a tremendous blessing and a time filled with nerves, but the selection of the right surrogate mother is crucial for a positive relationship moving forward. Make sure to follow these steps to choose the proper person to work with when surrogacy is an option on the table.

Whether you are a couple or a single man or woman, you may choose to use a surrogate to help bring your dreams of parenthood into fruition. When you have opted to use a surrogate mother to help start your new family, there are different types of surrogacy to consider, such as whether or not you will use gestational or traditional surrogacy. Gestational surrogacy involves the carrier become pregnant by means of IVF, using the eggs of the intended mother or an egg donor, fertilized with the man’s sperm. This means that genetically, the surrogate baby is not related to the carrier. With a traditional surrogate, however, the surrogate’s egg is fertilized with the sperm from a sperm donor or the intended father using artificial insemination, so your surrogate is the child’s biological mother.

You need to consider numerous different factors in the selection of an appropriate surrogate. An agency can help you find the right surrogate for your individual situation. You’ll want to consider the surrogate’s lifestyle choices, the surrogate’s medical history, the legal issues associated with surrogacy, the kind of relationship you intend to have with the surrogate mother after the child is born, and the cost of the surrogacy process.

You are looking for someone with whom you can place the trust of the first nine months of your baby’s life, and you want to find a person who will treat the pregnancy as if it were their own. You can ask about the screening process for surrogates through your agency and how this is used to identify the appropriate surrogate for you. The key to having a successful selection has to do with making the right choice with a person you can trust, and communicating with your surrogate about your expectations and hers.  


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