Surrogate Mothers

Who Uses Surrogate Mothers?

Surrogacy may seem like something celebrities do, or an alternative used by elite families, or when the mother of a child doesn’t want to be physically pregnant. However, the reality is that surrogacy is used by many different kinds of families for many different reasons.

Women Who Have Medical Issues

Many women have medical problems that render them unable to have a child. This can range from problems with fertility, an inhospitable uterine environment, or systemic health problems that would make pregnancy dangerous or life-threatening for the mother. Surrogacy is also an excellent option for women who had a hysterectomy.

Couples Who Cannot Adopt

Couples who wish to grow their family but cannot conceive may consider adoption as an alternative. Although adoption is a great option for many families, it’s not necessarily possible for all families. In some cases, due to advanced age, marital status, or other issues, a couple may not be approved for adoption. These couples seek surrogacy as another way to grow their family, potentially even having a child who is biologically related to one or both parents.

Homosexual Couples

Homosexual couples, whether married or unmarried, may desire to grow their family. A homosexual male couple may choose to use a surrogate and one of the men become a sperm donor in order to conceive a child. Or, a homosexual female couple may decide to use a surrogate if neither feel comfortable with being pregnant. Surrogacy provides a wide variety of options for homosexual couples to realize their dreams of becoming parents.

Failed IVF

Couples who have difficulty with conception will often try in-vitro fertilization or other methods in order to try to conceive and carry their own child to term. However, despite its technological advancements, IVF may not always be successful. However, surrogacy can provide another route to parenthood, even when IVF fails.

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