Surrogate Mothers

Thinking about Surrogacy?

              Are you someone that has heard of surrogate motherhood and is interested in learning more about the process and what is involved? Whether you’re considering becoming a surrogate mother yourself, or if you’ve had difficulties starting your own family and are considering this method as an option; there is a lot of information you should be aware of. That is where our website should be an outstanding source of information for you.

            Firstly, if you yourself are seeking to become a surrogate mother, or are in fact looking for someone to become a surrogate – we strongly encourage you to visit our FAQ page. From here you will find a number of useful details and pieces of information. This information ranges from types of women become surrogates to topics covering success rates and whether or not the surrogate mother and the couple she is helping will meet.

            Next, we suggest you take the time to browse the Options Available page. If you’re facing infertility issues yourself, this selection of topics can prove to be invaluable for you and your spouse. This is equally true if you’re seeking to become a surrogate mother, or are interested in becoming an egg donor. Since the processes involved in becoming a surrogate, requesting a surrogate, or considering other reproductive technology options vary vastly, we encourage you to take the time and consider all options to determine the course that is most comfortable and medically viable for you.

            As is common with this type of situation, there are a great deal of legal considerations all parties involved should be aware of. At our Legal Issues page, you will find a wealth of information. Many people are not aware of surrogacy’s legal issues in their state. Our team of lawyers is well versed and experienced in these matters and has nicely laid out a number of considerations any couple looking for a surrogate or any woman looking to become a surrogate should be aware of. For instance you could live in a state that has actually criminalized surrogacy all together.

            Another matter of particular importance all people should be aware of are the fees involved in surrogacy. We have gathered a list of Approximate Expenses. From here you can determine whether or not surrogacy is even a financially viable option. This list covers everything from medical expenses to the surrogate’s fees to maternity clothing, travel costs, and all other fees associated with our program.. While this may be the only option available for some couple to have a family of their own, it can also greatly impact your financial state and must be considered before the process of surrogacy can even begin.

            Lastly, we have gathered a number of articles we feel that could be helpful, as well as inquiry forms to request a surrogate mother or to become a surrogate yourself. We cannot stress the importance of doing your own research involving surrogacy, egg donation, or any other resources at hand that we have listed throughout our website. Take your time, be patient and if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us for any additional information.



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