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How Surrogate Mothers Are Screened & Prepared for Surrogacy

Undoubtedly, surrogacy is a big commitment. Not only is it a physical commitment, it’s an emotional one as well. Intended parents want to be certain that their chosen surrogate is completely, 100% on board with becoming a surrogate and seeing the process through to the finish line. Here’s what you need to know about how surrogate mothers are screened and prepared for surrogacy.

Does the Potential Surrogate Fully Understand the Surrogacy Process?

Many surrogacy agencies start by explaining the process to potential surrogates. Frequently, women who want to become surrogates are merely exploring the idea and aren’t ready for the process. Or, they don’t know what the process is and aren’t willing to go through with it once they understand. Informing surrogates helps to narrow down the pool of potentials to only those who are ready and willing to go through the necessary steps of becoming a surrogate.

Is the Potential Surrogate Emotionally and Mentally Prepared for Surrogacy?

Not only is a potential surrogate offering up her body for nine long months, she’s also offering up her mind and heart. Screening potential surrogates for mental stability or diseases and ensuring they are emotionally prepared for taking on such a big responsibility is crucial. These screenings help ensure that each woman can meet the challenges head on. It’s also important to be certain that the prospective surrogate has a network of support that will help ground her through the natural ups and downs of surrogate pregnancy.

Is the Potential Surrogate Physically Ready for Surrogacy?

A complete physical exam and health history is needed to ascertain that a potential surrogate is healthy enough to carry a child to term. This includes not only being healthy enough for the pregnancy itself, but also for the procedures and tests leading up to the pregnancy. It’s also important to screen for genetic issues that the surrogate may pass along to the baby if her egg is being used.

Prospective surrogate mothers go through an intense and thorough screening process at Surrogate Mothers, Inc. We evaluate everything from the surrogate’s physical and mental health to her family support, her job, and her home life. You can be confident that when you choose a surrogate with SMI, you’re working with a woman who is ready and committed to helping your family grow.

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