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Surrogacy How Long Does the Surrogacy Process Take?

Realistic Expectations About The Surrogacy Process

Whether you are an intended surrogate mother or surrogate parents seeking out a surrogate mother, it is important to have realistic expectations about the process of surrogacy. Many people realize that the surrogacy process takes much longer than they intended because of many different complicated and emotional factors that can arise during the process of working with a surrogate.

No person’s surrogacy journey is going to look like anyone else’s. This is what makes it hard for you to know what to expect in the whole process, but hiring a surrogacy lawyer and doing your research in advance can make it easier for you to understand and prepare for.

The entire surrogacy process can take anywhere from 13 to 15 months from the time you make your initial inquiry to arriving home with a new baby. This can include, as a general timeline, up to two months to find and evaluate the surrogate, one to two months of fertility perforation or the official embryo transfer, nine months for the natural pregnancy and four weeks for anyone overseas to arrange a baby’s passport.

Surrogacy Timeline

Your timeline may be adjusted based on the individual factors of your surrogacy situation. It can take a long time to confirm the person that you wish to work with as a surrogate. You want to develop a trusting relationship with the woman that you choose as your surrogate and have established guidelines laid out in a written document. It can take time to pull together these written documents and to ensure that everybody has appropriate legal representation to review this information.

The support of an experienced attorney who is highly knowledgeable about the surrogacy process can ease a lot of your fears and help to prepare you for what can be an emotionally exciting and, at times, exhausting process. Understanding each phase of the surrogacy process and being prepared to ask appropriate questions and to get legal counsel as necessary can make it much easier for you and your partner to prepare to welcome your new baby.



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