Surrogate Mothers

How to Avoid Common Issues with a Surrogacy Arrangement

Things To Consider For Avoiding Surrogacy Arrangement Issues

Anyone thinking about becoming or using a surrogate should educate themselves fully about the best way to approach the situation. Making mistake can add further emotions and challenges to an already high-stakes situation.

It is important for surrogate mothers to schedule the consultation with an experience surrogacy lawyer before signing any documentation.  Surrogate moms have found themselves in the news in recent years, particularly as more celebrities have considered the use of the surrogate.  

Careful Consideration Of Surrogacy Contract

You will want to give careful consideration to the surrogacy contract if you intend to move forward with this option.  Many surrogate moms are more than happy to help.

A person interested in growing their family and will experience no complications.  However, emotions and money can make surrogate motherhood a very complicated legal arrangement if you don’t have the support of your own attorney.  

Issues To Be Aware Of

There are many different issues that you will want to have clearly addressed in the contract, and you will want to have this reviewed by a knowledgeable surrogacy attorney.  

You need to understand the exact type of surrogacy arrangement that is being agreed to, including whether or not this will be artificial insemination or embryo implantation, and how many attempts will be made for surrogacy — for the couple or person you are trying to help.  It is also important to read through the contract to figure out what you can and cannot do while being a surrogate mom.


These contracts often prohibit:

  • drinking
  • illegal drug use
  • smoking.  


A contract may also discuss the responsibility of the surrogate mother for getting medical tests or necessary prenatal care.  The intended parents should also consider the situations in which a surrogate mother may be eligible to terminate the pregnancy.  

These are very complicated issues to address, and this is why it is strongly recommended that anyone who is contemplating surrogacy schedule the consultation with an experienced attorney. Don’t go through this process on your own- instead, hire an attorney who can help you through all stages.



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