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What is an Open Surrogacy — And Should You Have One?

An open surrogacy is one of the most debated topics in the surrogate community today. It can be difficult for a family to choose whether they want an open surrogacy or a closed one. It truly is up to each of the intended parents and the woman chosen as their surrogate. Here’s what you should know about open (and closed) surrogacy.

What Is Open Surrogacy?

Open surrogacy is when the intended parents desire to continue their relationship with the surrogate mother after the birth of the child. They wish for the child to know the surrogate; however, they may not necessarily discuss with the child that they came into the world via surrogacy. The surrogate can be involved in the family’s life at any level that is comfortable for them and the family.

What Is Closed Surrogacy?

Many surrogacies are closed, meaning that once the birth occurs, the surrogate mother and the intended parents rarely, if ever, engage in any further contact. Neither the surrogate nor the intended parents have any obligation to remain in contact once the baby is born.

Blended Surrogacy

Some people choose to have a blend between an open and closed surrogacy. For example, the intended parents may have no desire for the child to know the surrogate mother, but the surrogate mother may want to hear from the family and learn about how the child is doing. Parents may communicate exclusively with the surrogate mother, sending letters or photographs to the surrogate on occasion.

The Importance of Defining Your Preferred Type of Surrogacy Before Birth

For a successful surrogacy, it’s crucial to understand which type would work best for your family. Then, include those wishes in a legal contract. If you desire a closed surrogacy, you may not want the surrogate mother contacting you later on to ask how the child is doing. However, without a legal contract, she would be able to do just that. On the other hand, you may desire an open surrogacy, but want the specifics of what is and isn’t acceptable within that relationship defined.

At Surrogate Mothers Inc., we can not only help you find the right surrogate mother for your family, but we can also help you legally define that relationship for the ultimate success of your surrogacy. Contact us today to learn more by calling 1-888-SURROGATE.


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