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How the Media Gets Surrogacy Wrong

Surrogacy is often depicted negatively in the media, mainly in the form of news stories when a surrogacy arrangement goes wrong. Unfortunately, the media frequently paints a disparaging picture of surrogacy without actually showing its reality. Here’s how media gets surrogacy wrong.

The Media Misrepresents the Motives of Surrogate Mothers

Often, news stories, movies, and television depict the motives of a surrogate mother as being “in it for the money.” While almost all surrogates are paid for their services, pregnancy is a 24-hour-a-day job.  A surrogate’s fee, for example, of $20,000 works out to an hourly wage of less than $3. In fact, many surrogates suggested that if they were in it simply for the money, the average compensation just wouldn’t be enough for everything a surrogate is required to do.  

The reality is that surrogate mothers choose their path because they have a genuine passion for it. They strongly desire to help families who are unable to conceive grow their family and reach their goal of becoming parents.  Altruism is the main motivator for surrogates, something which the vast majority of people simply can’t understand.

The Media Forgets to Depict the Happy Moments Shared Between Surrogates and Families

Stories of “surrogacy gone wrong” provide great entertainment and full-length movies are made to capitalize on some of the biggest fears that intended parents have about surrogacy. The fact of the matter is that happy stories simply don’t sell in the media, so these stories don’t get published or made into movies or TV shows.   

Truthfully, the vast majority of both surrogate mothers and intended parents are extremely happy with the surrogacy process and the end result.  In fact, 99% of all surrogacy arrangements end with all parties completely fulfilled and happy.

The Media Leaves Out That Most Surrogacy Occurs Through an Accredited Agency

Contrary to popular belief, “independent surrogacy” isn’t all that common. This is because it’s crucial for surrogates to be properly screened, and adequate screening can only be assured by working with an accredited agency.

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