Surrogate Mothers

Making the Decision Between Surrogacy and Adoption

Growing a family is filled with emotional decisions and ones that may be extremely difficult to arrive at, but weighing the options between surrogacy and adoption can present a myriad of opportunities that may make it seem overwhelming as you move forward to make a decision. It can take some time to arrive at a final choice that best suits your intentions.

One of the biggest things that prospective parents must consider when trying to decide between surrogacy and adoption is that either of these is a very long process from beginning to end. It could be 18 months, two years or longer before you’ll actually be able to bring a child home with you. It is good to be prepared whether you decide to pursue surrogacy or adoption for the costs and a long waiting period linked to each of these choices.

Your family’s need should be evaluated carefully so that you have time to prepare for the life-changing journey ahead. Some parents feel that surrogacy is the better option for them because they want to have a strong connection to a child that is genetically part of them, but the desire for a genetic connection is not the only reason that more parents are electing surrogacy.

Parents want an infant that has been carried by a woman with a very clean health history and has prenatal care from the outset. For those parents who simply want a child, whether or not that child is genetically related, private and public adoption can be an enriching as well as a compassionate experience.

Many parents select adoption specifically because they want to provide a better family life for the adopted child whose need is obvious. You’ll need to look at all of the different possibilities and weigh the pros and cons before electing whether adoption or surrogacy is the right choice for your individual family. No matter how you move forward, it’s powerful to consult with an experienced attorney as soon as possible.


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