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Why Choose SMI? 11 great reasons

There are a host of surrogacy programs out there. Only one other program in the world has been around as long as we have here at Surrogate Mothers, Inc. That’s just one of many reasons why SMI should be your surrogate program.  If surrogacy is right for you, SMI is right for surrogacy.  Why?

1.  We have a PERFECT track record. Hundreds of babies born.  Not a single case of failed surrogacy!

2.  Our fees are among the most reasonable anywhere. Because we’ve been doing this for 30+ years, you don’t have to pay us to educate ourselves about surrogacy.

3.  SMI is run by an attorney. You don’t need to pay a separate lawyer to handle the legal work for you.

4.  We’ve been assisting clients from across the world for over 30 years.

5.  We have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

6.  We have dozens of women from across the U.S. who are currently available to be surrogates, so there’s no waiting period. We’re ready to begin whenever you are.

7.  We work closely with the world’s leading clinics that have the highest success rates anywhere.

8.  We’ve never discriminated against clients, and we’re the only program in the world that has been in business as long as we have that can make this claim. Single? Great. Married? We’re happy to help. Gay? We’re here for you!

9.  Our screening is the most rigorous anywhere.  Your surrogate must pass all sorts of steps to qualify for our program.  97% of all the women who contact us initially and are considering surrogacy never end up in our program.

10.  We are a small, caring, responsible program with the best reputation in the world.

Check us out.  Call and speak to our program’s founder and director, Attorney Steve Litz. Ask all the tough questions. You’ll get honest answers that will make you feel completely comfortable with this most important decision in your lives.



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