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5 Myths About Gestational Surrogacy Debunked

Gestational surrogacy is sometimes misunderstood. Here are 5 myths about gestational surrogacy debunked and what steps to take if you want to become a surrogate mother or if you want to grow your family via surrogacy.

1. MYTH: The Surrogate Mother Is Related to the Baby

FACT: With traditional surrogacy, the surrogate mother is artificially inseminated. Therefore, the baby is genetically related to her. However, with gestational surrogacy, doctors transfer an embryo developed from sperm and egg donors or the biological parents of the child.

2. MYTH: Any Woman Can Become a Gestational Surrogate

FACT: There is a rigorous screening process before a woman is cleared to become a gestational surrogate. She must meet age and health requirements, must have had a previous healthy pregnancy, and must meet multiple other criteria. At Surrogate Mothers Inc., we ensure that all of our chosen surrogate mothers are healthy and ready to help families grow.

3. MYTH: Unmarried Couples Are Legally Disadvantaged

FACT: Many people believe that when an unmarried couple chooses a surrogate and one of the partners is not using his/her biological DNA to help create the embryo, that partner is at a legal disadvantage. However, stepparent adoption is a way to mitigate this and is encouraged for partners who are not biologically related to the child. Stepparent adoption affords partners legal rights to the child, much in the same way that being biologically related to the child does. And, depending on where the surrogate is from, some states recognize the intentions of the parties and allow the non-biological partner’s name to go directly on the original birth certificate, eliminating the need for an adoption altogether.

4. MYTH: Surrogate Mothers Have No Connection With the Family

FACT: The surrogate mother and the parents-to-be can be as connected as they want during the pregnancy and birthing process. More often than not, surrogate mothers want to share the experience with the parents-to-be and get them involved in the process, including going to ultrasound visits together and being present for the birth. Although direct contact after the birth generally doesn’t happen (due more to geographical distance than anything else), some couples and surrogates do elect to stay in touch for years after the child is born.

5. MYTH: Gestational Surrogacy Is Too Expensive

FACT: Although many people assume that surrogacy is an option only available to the wealthy, many families grow with the help of surrogacy. It’s not inexpensive, but it’s still doable for many families. Talking about surrogacy with us is one way you can learn more about the costs of it and to help determine if it’s right for your family financially. Plus, some clinics offer guaranteed success rates, putting your mind at ease in the unlikely event that the surrogate does not get pregnant, you’ll get the money you spent at the clinic returned to you.

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