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5 Myths About Surrogacy Debunked

Surrogacy can be a difficult subject to talk about. Because of the silence surrounding surrogacy, there are numerous myths about working with or becoming a surrogate mother. Here are 5 myths about surrogacy — debunked.

1. Surrogacy Is Illegal Where I Live

While there are some states whose laws don’t look favorably upon surrogacy, it is possible to locate and work with parents and surrogates in states where the laws are more conducive to the surrogacy process.

2. The Surrogate Mother Will Want to Keep the Baby

Gestational surrogates who become surrogates to give a gift of a child to another family know what will happen at the end of the pregnancy and are prepared for it. Additionally, there are legal contracts and documents in place that protect the legal rights of the intended parents. While this is a common concern for many couples who choose surrogacy as a way to grow their family, it’s generally a needless one.

3. Surrogacy Is Only for the Rich

While surrogacy is not inexpensive, there are many ways to make it a viable option for numerous families with variable incomes. By matching surrogates who have good health insurance to parents who don’t live far away, many of the costs of surrogacy can be mitigated. These options give many more families the opportunity to grow their family via surrogacy.

4. Any Woman Can Be a Surrogate

Many parents wonder who their surrogate will be and if she will be healthy or make good lifestyle choices while carrying their baby. Not everyone can become a surrogate. For example, women with previous failed pregnancies, those with serious complications during pregnancy, or women who use illegal drugs will not be able to enter a surrogacy program.

5. It Will Be Too Hard for the Family of the Surrogate

Pregnancy is difficult, but more often than not, families make the decision to be involved in surrogacy together. Families are educated and prepared for the process and are in agreement about supporting the surrogate during her pregnancy.

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