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What Is Single Parent Surrogacy?

Surrogacy is a viable option for many individuals to grow their family when traditional conception isn’t possible or desirable. For some single parents, surrogacy is preferable to conception or starting a family with another person. Here’s what you need to know. 

Single Parent Surrogacy: What Is It? 


A single parent surrogacy is when one parent of any gender decides to hire a surrogate mother. This can be done with a donor egg and sperm, or the intended parent’s egg or sperm if they wish for the child to be biologically related to them. 

Pros and Cons of Single Parent Surrogacy 


There are many benefits and drawbacks to this type of surrogate pregnancy, including but not limited to: 



  • Individuals can reach their goal of becoming a parent without a partner. 
  • Intended parents can maintain control over the surrogacy process. 



  • Surrogacy is an expensive process, which may be difficult for a single person with one income. 
  • There is often a stigma surrounding surrogate pregancies.  

Surrogacy versus Adoption 


When compared to adoption for single parents, surrogacy has some advantages: 


  • Many birth mothers who place their child for adoption do so for two-parent families, so the wait to adopt a baby may be long for a single parent. 
  • There are generally more families waiting for a baby to adopt than there are birth mothers, whereas with surrogacy, there are often more mothers waiting to become a surrogate than intended parents. 
  • Adopted children cannot be biologically related to the intended parent, whereas with surrogacy, they can. 

Single Parent Surrogacy Laws 


Typically, surrogacy for a single parent isn’t treated any differently than surrogacy for partnered parents. However, surrogacy laws are complex and different for each state. It’s relatively new, and few concrete laws exist to regulate the process. Laws that do exist may differ in interpretation and application between legal jurisdictions. 

Interested in Growing Your Family Through Surrogacy? Contact Us Today 

If you’re a single parent interested in surrogacy as a way to expand your family, don’t wait to reach out to an experienced attorney. The path to parenthood via surrogacy can be long and difficult, and it’s important to have guidance. A surrogacy lawyer can also help protect you of your rights and inform you of your available options. 


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