Surrogate Mothers

The Benefits of Surrogate Motherhood

Welcome back everyone. As we produce these articles, we hope that you find them useful and informative, but if you have any lingering questions that you would like answered in depth, please let us know. Now, we’ve covered a broad spectrum of topics here ranging from the different types of surrogacy to most recently; the legal responsibilities associated with surrogacy. Today we’re going to cover another important topic – the benefits of becoming a surrogate mother.

We understand that there are sensitive feelings about this issue for some people. It’s not for everyone. However, if you feel that you’re a qualified candidate, there are a number of benefits both personal and financial that you will be able to enjoy. To begin with, many surrogate mothers find the experience to be deeply personal and emotionally rewarding. Through surrogacy you are able to bring an incredible amount of joy and love to the lives of a deserving couple. In most cases you have the option of choosing the intended parents and you become an important part of their lives throughout the pregnancy. While some couples decide to disconnect from the surrogate mother after the child is born, it isn’t uncommon for families to remain in contact and continue the emotional connection. Ultimately, though, the nature and extent of your relationship with the couple is up to you.

Even if you and the family decides to not maintain contact after the child is born, you are the one that gets to own the satisfaction of having helped bring a family together. Many surrogate mothers report experiencing a great personal awakening within themselves. The knowledge that they played an integral part in bettering the lives of people helped them redefine their sense of purpose in the world.

The couple also provides a maternity clothing allowance, life insurance, and anytime you travel you receive at least $100 for each day you’re away from home. Perhaps one of the most enticing benefits is the financial compensation. Now, while this is a fantastic benefit, it usually isn’t the primary reason many women consider becoming a surrogate mother. Many surrogate mothers have described the financial compensation as an “extra bonus” to an already rewarding process. Many surrogates use their fee for major purchases like a home or a car, or to take that long-awaited vacation. Others set up college trusts for their own children. However you decide to use your fee is entirely up to you, but oftentimes is allows surrogates to do things they otherwise would not have been able to do. Because it is a major consideration for many women, financial compensation can range from $15,000 – $25,000

Of course, before fully committing to becoming a surrogate mother, you’re going to want to weigh these benefits. You’re going to want to take the time and look at your own life and see if surrogacy is right for you, and if you’re right for surrogacy. However, if you believe yourself to be a great candidate for surrogacy, give us a call at 1-888-SURROGATE or visit our Inquiry Page at http://s954610285.onlinehome.usapplication.html where you can complete an application online. If you prefer to receive additional written information, we’ll be happy to, as well as an application to the program.


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